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Counseling for Athletes

It's hard to keep your head in the game when you don't know how to handle what's going in your head. We have professionals who specialize in supporting athletes who may be struggling with depression, anxiety, anger issues, or other behavioral health concerns. 

Athletes, regardless of their sport, are often not provided with easy access to supportive services like counseling.  Whether it is the high school athlete struggling to choose which college will help with his academic and professional goals or a youngster trying to improve his or her self-esteem and reduce the anxiety they feel during a game, we can offer suggestions and interventions to help them make sound decisions and confidently perform at the highest level of their ability.  

For the college athlete trying to balance a schedule filled with difficult classes, team practices, and a social life, we can provide the support an athlete needs to address the emotions or stressors they face. Teams struggling with grief over a lost friend or coach may need guidance, hope, or just a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Post-college athletes participating at the semi-professional or professional level might be challenged by transitions as they move between teams, relationship problems, or anxiety about what they'll do after they retire from the sport they love.  We can be there to provide customized, confidential help to support any athlete through life's changes.

Individual counseling is available in our Spring Lake office, by phone or videochat, or even on location at your school or gym. We can provide workshops or trainings for the team, coaches and staff on a variety of mental health and substance abuse issues that sometimes plague high-performing athletes. We can also partner with your institution, contracting to provide behavioral health supports to your athletes as the need arises, or during regularly-scheduled visits to your campus or facility.