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LCMHC Supervision

Are you a North Carolina graduate student looking for an experienced clinical supervisor to consult with while you complete your contact hours for licensure? Do you need flexible scheduling for your in-person or group supervision sessions or want the convenience of online supervision sessions?  Does the cost of supervision concern you?

North Carolina LCMHCAs are required to receive 100 hours of face-to-face supervision while completing their 3000 hours of direct & indirect contact with clients to fulfill their application requirements. Dr. Chauntel Summers, LCMHC (QS140902) can provide you with the supervision hours you need at a rate far less than what other supervisors might charge. 

Dr. Summers was a graduate student once, too, and knows how difficult it can be to maintain a job while completing direct contact hours. Internships and clinical hours rarely provide sufficient compensation, if any. Working at a paying job while completing direct contact clinical hours is difficult if not impossible, but you're still expected to have supervision, and you have to pay for that supervision. Dr. Summers offers individual and group supervision both in-person and online at a more affordable rate than what LCMHCAs might find elsewhere. 

To discuss your supervision needs with Dr. Summers, email her at [email protected] or call her office at 910-916-7881.